Wow, where has the time gone? And why the Hell haven’t I kept up on my blog?!

So the last actual update was in January, I think. I’ve been using the excuse that I’m too busy with school, work and training to actually update this blog. Maybe thats true, but enough with excuses, lets get this show going.

Since the last entry, I’ve finished Winter term at school, started battling some injury-ish situation with my back and Gluteus that made me scale back the Boston training a lot, all the while putting in time at the U of O Athletics department… laboring (working.)

First of all, I’ve got to give kudos to the wife for keeping up her blog and inspiring me to actually get going on mine. I think she has mentioned me in one form or another on almost every blog so now, in the spirit of mutual admiration, I’ll be at including a link/reference to her blog. You should read it! She’s an awesome writer and has some great insight that is worth looking into. Plus she’s just cool – maybe I’m biased, so what.

So Winter term was good, after discovering my limitations. Taking too many credits and realizing it halfway through is not a recommended approach. I had to drop a class halfway through just so I could pass the others. I’m glad I did, but bummed that I have to take that math class again. On a positive note, I’ve earned admission to U of O for Fall term 2012. Yay! This student of life for the last 20+ years is actually back for his degree. (only a couple years to go)

After qualifying for Boston last year at the Vancouver, USA Marathon, I got it in my head that Boston could be my 3 hour marathon. At about the 8th week into training, pretty aggressive I might add, my back and ass decided to give me grief. I reduced my training workload by about 80 percent and started a form of physical therapy to get back into healthy running. Foam roller, massages (when I can afford them), stretching, epsom salt baths and reading too many articles about what I might be dealing with has helped. It’s a meticulous process to get back to optimal performance when we get older, recovery just doesn’t come fast enough. We’ll see if that 3 hour goal will happen – I have my doubts but  still have a couple weeks until race day and, as many have said, “anything can happen.” I feel very fortunate to have my Facebook groupsmy running peers” & “5AM Madness” to provide support and encouragement – this is by far my greatest support structure related to my running to date. I hope to grow My Running Peers to a global scale at some point and have running friends across the planet. I think I’ll put that in the long-term-goals category.

In the mean-time, focus goes towards the next couple weeks. This coming weekend I’ll be working with Columbia Sportware R&D to test out some of their early development equipment. This will be my workout for the weekend, as oppose to a long run. Strengthening my ass/back with exercises from the PT, easy/short runs, and a reduction of caloric intake until race day will be the weekday fare, coupled with my job (working softball at Howe field this season.) Oh yea, and preparing for Spring term. That should be enough.  Thankfully I have the first two days of Spring break off from everything to get myself recharged.

Next week: The testing experience with Columbia Sportswear, my intro to The Hash House Harriers, and the Boston Countdown continues.

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2 thoughts on “Wow, where has the time gone? And why the Hell haven’t I kept up on my blog?!”

  1. Have fun sweating in the environmental control chamber thingamabob while testing the Columbia gear. What do they call it? Anyway, can’t wait for Boston! Going to take lots of pictures and stuff. You are going to kick ass. 🙂

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