Ultra Season!

I’m very excited for my next race!

This year is an abbreviated schedule of running for me due to the expense of going to Boston, and the wife’s upcoming Iron Man Canada. So the races this year are that much more special. Coming up July 28th is my first 50 mile race this year. The Mt Hood 50. This post comes three weeks from the event and my big training run before the taper was the 50k course at Mt. Pisgah.  Comparing the course profile from Pisgah

Mt Pisgah 50k
Need some hill work?

to Mt. Hood,

Mt. Hood 50
Mt. Hood 50

I think this is a good way to prepare. Although the distance is 20 miles greater, I have a feeling the hill work here and other trails I’ve been able to train on have got me fairly well prepared.

Now I don’t want to come off too cocky or anything, but I couldn’t fight the urge to check out the profiles of the other racers in my age group, and what I found out is that if I’m really in the shape I think I am, I’ve got the rest of my age group beat by about an hour! Holy smokes! On top of that, if this is one of the slower years, (I also looked up the race results overall for the past few years) I’ve got a pretty good chance of finishing in the lead, or at least top 5! Hopefully this paragraph hasn’t jinxed me on the race, but the last couple runs have really boosted my confidence. Those runs, coupled with my ultra-running experience thus-far, my better understanding of my body and ability to listen to it during these grueling tests of endurance, I should be able to pull through rather well.

Even if I don’t win the race or age group, I am really excited. A group of my ultra running friends and I are coming up together to run it and I hear the scenery is amazing. The camaraderie of ultra running is truly friendly and although there is a part of us all that wants to win every race we do, just doing these events with others just like us is a reward in of itself.

Now for the next couple weeks I’ll throw in some speed work, long runs will be dropping to 20 miles or so, and carb intake will increase that last week for optimum performance. We’ll see how it all plays out.

Until next time. Run on!


One thought on “Ultra Season!”

  1. I jinxed myself the last time I sized up the competition a few races ago. Now my ultra CLR relay teammates have already done it – darn it!! We are all doomed now. Good luck with the Mt. Hood 50 – you are brave, but well prepared I’m sure – you will conquer that mountain and leave some goats behind, kindly of course. Will be sending you and the Kristi-machine some good luck mojo next weekend! J.

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