Slow Start to 2013

I’ve been on the injury sidelines for a while and it’s hard not to get bummed about it. However I am kept busy with my return to education, cross training, and life in general. I am inspired by the running community every day. People are hitting their first races of the year, run-groups are meeting all around town life is moving along real nice. Except I haven’t run in a month. Add to that on Valentines eve, I came home with some bug that knocked me out for 13 hours. I’m mostly recovered from that, but I’m kept wondering when am I going to get that first trial run in. Soon I hope. I have a marathon in June, an Ultra relay in August, and a few 50k’s to finish out the year.


3 thoughts on “Slow Start to 2013”

  1. So many years ahead for you Aaron…what’s a year ‘out’ in the scheme of things ? You’re not gonna develop 3 heads or anything…Of course getting over our ‘addiction’ is another thing…glad to hear you’re doing other stuff…lx

  2. i guess this is where patience is learned. if you come back too quick, you just end up injured again. been there…take care aaron

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