#1Back to School

My background is in media. Specifically radio. I had a morning show for several years, then was a production director for a number of years. Performing and producing is fun especially when I can do both and make some money at the same time. I like the idea of “it’s not about the money” but that, as we all know, is bullshit. Realistically it isn’t about the money – but I still need to eat and pay my mortgage. After getting laid off, I realized that I have been pretty much one dimensional in my skill set and that I need to acquire more skills and grow with the technology around me. So back to school.


The goal here is to broaden my skill set to make myself more valuable. Maybe even indispensable – although I have an issue with that term. My issue with that term is because of this poem by Saxon White Kessinger that was shown to me way back when I was in broadcasting school. Essentially everybody can be replaced and the world is not much different with or without out us. The world will move on. While I am here however, I’d like to splash about as much as possible in as many different areas as possible. Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, producing videos, designing websites, connecting people, telling stories, and learning to do so in a presentation that is engaging and captivating all at once seems like the thing for me. In essence, I’m learning to be a better story teller, and then I will get these stories out to you in every way possible.



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