#4 Social Media Experts

Sometimes while pursuing the “how to’s” and “rules for..” blogs or articles on social media I feel like everyone is claiming to be an expert. How can that be? This is a relatively new tool, and we all know, or have known for some time, that if something sounds too good to be true it usually is. So there are no real “quick, easy guides” to building your business. These are new tools, but they work in the same fashion as the old tools. You must have content, engagement, and relevance to your audience. I subscribe to a blog that has some great input and “a-ha” moments for me. But I’m never really sure how to put Seth Godin’s ideas into an action. I sent him an email and asked him about it. Next blog will feature his response.

Ultimately my observations have shown me that it is buyer beware. Even though online marketing is relatively new, there are already a bunch of gimmicky and “quick-solutions” sites, blogs, subscriptions and whatever else clouding the sea of social media. Give me some time and we’ll do it right.



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