#8The Run Always Helps

While finally on my run today I remembered that I decided some time ago to shift more of my focus on academia and push through as if I was doing another ultra. The math was there anyway – take the energy from my running and training, and put it towards classes and power through. It’s clearly no secret that math and I have some issues to work out because my conversion of training energy to scholastic success was WAY off!!

But I did learn something. Balance.

When I made this focus-shift I didn’t just give up a percentage of running in my week, I gave up a steady fitness program that kept me healthy, injury free, and gave me the energy to the manage the rest of my commitments. This last “shift” had me injured since December, low energy, and struggling to a finish line that isn’t quite in sight.

We had Steven Asbury talk with us about design, and if there was only one thing that stuck with me (I’m sure there were more) was balance. All the examples of good design he shared all had a great sense of balance. Everything just worked; the colors, photo placements, the use of white space, text and how it was arranged. Everything worked together.

So now I have to restore my balance with training, school, and my job(s), to continue with the success I previously had. The downside is that I still have to face the consequences of my decision and not participate in the Vancouver USA, Marathon the week after finals. Thats the way it goes. Lesson learned.

I sure am glad I finally got out for that run.



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