#12 My “Special” Friends

There is another part of my life that I haven’t shared. Hashing. There is an article that our local weekly paper did on Hashing. This is a drinking club with a running problem. The ironic thing about this is the fact that I haven’t had a drink since 1998. The appeal  then falls on how irreverent and adult this group is oriented. Rude, crude, sexually explicit, usually inappropriate and the most fun I ever have is with this group. There is no taking anything serious with this group – check your problems and the door, because nobody cares.

Here is the basic set up. We meet up, have our chalk talk, send off the hares that lay the trail, and then we (hounds) go after them. We give them a healthy head start. We follow markings asking “Are YOU?!” to the front runners to find out if they are “on trail.” If we are on trail we yell back to the rest of the half-minds “On-On” to let them know we think we’re on true trail. But we probably aren’t. During the “run” there are “checks.”  Trail-checks – where the trail splits and we have to figure out where it goes. Boob-checks, dick-checks and finally Beer checks. The trail may go from any direction from any of these checks and they are strategically placed to slow down the hounds.  Don’t be intimidated by any of this because as I said before, nobody cares, we’re there just to ignore the goofy world for a couple hours and have some fun with beer and running and crazy silly outfits. We also have an incredible catalogue of inappropriate songs.  For more details, just come to the hash. Everyone welcome virgins especially.

Lets have some fun!


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