#11I Love Games

One thing I haven’t touched on in the last few weeks is that I am a big fan of video games. that’s right, a 40+ year old male is into video games. But think about it, video games were born for my generation. Our family had the first Atari, and I haven’t looked back since.

This week Microsoft announced their next console XboxOne. Sony Announced Playstation 4 about a month prior and Nintendo already has their system in the market. These were the teasing announcement just to prep the consumer for the next holiday season. The big announcements are coming at E3 in June.

I’ve contained my excitement for a while, but there is a part of me that wants to just dive into this techno-mess like a kid at Christmas. The part that excites/scares me the most is how these systems are going to improve on what they’ve already done. In a world of developers, these two powerhouses (MS and Sony) have the best teams in place pushing technological innovation and creativity at an exponential pace. If I can combine my love of running, gaming, creating, sharing, and entertaining I’ll be in heaven

I guess I have some more planning/playing to do.


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