#RunJapan Blog 002: What Next, Mr. Run Japan?!

I announced that I am going to run across Japan. I did so without a complete plan, but rather just the idea to run across the land of the rising sun. While doing so I’ll be reporting, blogging and/or vlogging and raising funds and awareness for relief efforts that remain from the 2011Tokohu Earthquake &Tsunami.  After the announcement, local television picked up the story, and since then I’ve been asked a million questions from a million directions. Some of these questions have been going through my head as well: “how in the…?” “How much…?” “When…?” “Am I crazy?” And more. The quick answers to those questions: I don’t know, I don’t know, as soon as we figure it out, and probably.

Next blog I’ll break down those questions with the first tier of thoughts, and we’ll go over them. I’ll tell you the very first thought when answering “how in the.. ” is that I need a bare minimum crew of one-driving a support vehicle, and we meet up where I finish, do the debrief, (i.e. blog/vlog update), recover and prep for the next day. Like I said it was just an initial thought, and it opens up more questions. And we’ll go over more of those soon.

Speaking of questions, let me ask you one. How would YOU do it? Lets say for the sake of argument that you were given this task, and the only instructions were to cover most of the area of Japan on foot and you have about 90 days to do it. Oh, and find a worthwhile cause related to the 2011 Tsunami to do it in the name of and support. Go! I’m interested to see what you think. Lets share, discuss and do this right.

At the suggestions of Bob Coll at Eugene Running Company this week, I’ve reached out to Brett Larner at Japan Running News asking for his help. By the looks of his work ,and what Bob tells me, I think this is the guy I really need to know. I’m going to start following his blog so I can learn about the running community in Japan. Bob also tells me there is a sister city to Eugene that might be a willing to join in the fun.

That should keep up busy till the next blog…



3 thoughts on “#RunJapan Blog 002: What Next, Mr. Run Japan?!”

  1. I would actually have 2 for support. One person that comes with you from the states that knows you, your limits, your tells as far as exhaustion, etc. and knows how to prep you and then a second native that can help you interact with locals, establishments, laws, regulations and be a liaison where needed.

  2. How about connecting with different running clubs/groups (thank you google) in Japan. Telling them what the plan is…..they might have ideas for sponsors, routes, cool trails, ideas for their local areas? Oh – and probably would have ideas for places to stay in their areas too…..saving you lots of $$ in food and lodging. Following your blog! Tanya

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