#RunJapan Blog 003: Planning Continues (quick update)

I still don’t know the answers to lots of questions, but at least I have more questions.

But here’s the quick update:

  • I’ve got at least three contacts in Japan. It is super difficult to correspond in real-time, because there is a 17 hour time difference.
  • The plan is to start near or around Christmas so I can get to Tokyo in time for the Marathon in February, then continue North.
  • I’ve got one person who is committed to be a driver for me.
  • I’ll be setting up a www.gofundme.com account where you can donate to the cause.

Since the last blog I was interviewed by the wonderful crew at 104.7 KDUK about this endeavor.

There is also an article in the works that should be coming out soon, hopefully to Runners World or related publication.

My goals for the next blog are to have the GoFundMe site up and running, a tentative map of the first few legs of the adventure and hopefully the announcement of a sponsor.

Please like, follow, share, tell everyone to follow, share, and like and… you know the drill.



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