#RunJapan Blog 004: New Friends, and Funding

One thing about trying to plan a giant adventure is time. I never seem to have enough of it. But really, that is a common concept in all things. We’re always go go go and don’t have time to read through a giant essay about who-knows-what and hope that it hits home with somebody and elicits a comment or a “like.”

So in the interest of time, here is a quick update. And this is just as much for me as it is for you. That way I know where I think I am when it comes to my #RunJapan project and I’m keeping you in the loop as well.

I met with some wonderful new people today,  and it looks like some much needed logistical and conceptual help is on the way – I can’t wait to share more about this, but it’s early in the relationship so for now I’ll have to say that more will be shared, in due time.

When I initially put fingers to keyboard on this #RunJapan idea, it was too early to try and book a flight to Japan, so I put it off. Now, just to get a round-about figure I Googled “flight to Japan” and the quick result showed that right now, prices range from $1300 to $2000 dollars for one person. I’ll still need to look into how much it is to rent a car there…. for a 3 month one-way trip across the country. Not to mention fuel, and food, and hotels.

As it stands, the fundraising thus-far is just shy of getting me to Japan. Next update to the funding page I’ll break some of the funding into more manageable chunks: getting there, vehicle rental, fuel, room/board etc. and set the shorter term goals. That makes it easier to wrap my head around it anyway – maybe it will for you too.

Next step get the idea to the world! Share and share alike this crazy idea of mine to run the length of Japan and if you can, donate to the cause.

This is growing into something special, and you’re a part of it.

See Aaron Run from Dan Cuffe on Vimeo.


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