Run Japan #006: To Do List

So the planning of this project is too big to keep the list of things I need to do in my head. Time to get some things on paper.

First of all, what am I doing?

Running the length of Japan, south to north, raising awareness and funds for tsunami relief efforts.

Earlier today I said that very sentence and to a new person and the response was “That’s too much for me to remember… ”  My thought was “Shit. I’ve got to simplify this.” I should probably put that near the top of the list

To do:

  • Simplify. Maybe to, “Running the length of Japan for charity.” I’ll have to run that past the focus groups.
  • Approach sponsors for: Shoes, clothes, food, car/van rental, airlines, guide, film crew, everything I can think of! Start NOW.
  • Research, LOTS of research
  • Roughly map a possible course
  • Make some friends in the Ultra-Running Community in Japan Maybe somebody from Ultra-Trail Mt. FUJI would be a good start. Or maybe the Japan Marathon Monks  (oh my, these guys are the real deal)

I don’t know if I can live up to what these guys do, but maybe one of them would come along with me. That would be something.

  • Keep blogging and updating the gofundme site and fund this trip!

That ought to be a good start. Plus,  going through this iteration of the “To Do” list I’ll come up with more to add.
Now the next available moment on my calendar must get filled with these activities. Just wait till you see my calendar, I’ll share that next week.

Please, comment, share and engage.




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