RunJapan Infographic

A wonderful part of being in public relations is the creativity. It can also be very difficult. I was tasked with the exercise of creating an infographic, and I thought this would be a perfect task to include with my #RunJapan project.

The only problem: my creative mind has superseded my technical ability. With a looming deadline, and a grand idea, I put myself in a position of failure. It sure is a humbling experience. Here is an example infographic:

Example infographic

Every iteration of my RunJapan Infographic has gone completely sideways in a clicking frenzy of undo, redo, and “How the f$*k do I get it to do…” madness

So this post is going live now, but know this. I’m still working on the #RunJapan Infographic, and this very blog will be updated with it soon…. You’ll know.


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