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Map of my #RunJapan route

I hope I can actually run on all those roads…


Hooked on helping: The man who is running the length of Japan for tsunami relief

Loving the support from Japan. Thank you Philip and Rocketnews24


Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 2.38.14 PM

Aaron Porter is a man on a mission. Giving up drinking in 1998 and smoking two years later, he took up running. Before he knew it, his new hobby had become his life’s passion, and he began taking part in marathons, half-marathons and ultra-marathons, running thousands of miles in a single year. Running, Aaron notes, was his recovery.

Now, though, he wants to help others recover. With the goal of running the entire length of Japan, from Kyushu to Hokkaido, Aaron is aiming to raise as much money and awareness for tsunami relief as he can. To do this, however, he needs sponsorship. Which is where you come in.

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Run Japan 009

Oh my so much to do, so much to learn. I talked with one of my Japanese classmates and with that 15 minutes of chatting I learned that I need to learn a lot more.

A little insight I gleaned from our conversation is that if I make an effort to learn more of the language it will go a long way with connecting with the locals. That slight (language) familiarity will help stave off the “outsider/insider” component while traveling the countryside. Also, be nice. I shouldn’t have a problem with that last part. And I’ll have about six months to learn some of the language basics.

Also, bath houses are likely going to be a common stopping place for me. This will be an interesting new experience. It’s like a formal locker room for everyone.

Just what have I got myself into?

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Emotional Messages

I read a couple of trade articles about emotions in messaging. Ad Age claims “debate over” when comparing the effectiveness of “facts and rational arguments” over “soft sell.” Margaret Steen of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Magazine Online writes about an upcoming book, The Dragonfly Effect, that suggests tapping into emotions is required to effectively use social media. I find it particularly interesting that it was proven with facts and rational arguments that emotional messaging is more effective that fact-filled rational argument messaging. Maybe that’s just me.

Okay emotional messaging wins. But what emotion: happy-funny, sad, angry and whatever else? A quick google search of “top 10 emotional messages” offers sites that provide sad, romantic, sorrow and love SMS messages. Not a single result offered a happy or funny message. Sad.

Because if this whole theory of emotional contagion I keep seeing pop up has any legs to it, I think society overall would be well served if more of our messaging – through public relations, advertising and marketing – was of a happy-funny storytelling nature.

In a perfect world, all our products and services would be developed by considering the end user and what he or she needs and then makes that product or service fit those needs. The tricky part is to have, and do that, without spouting facts and figures about how my needs are fulfilled.  Instead, share with me a little awesome story that makes me feel good. Then it doesn’t matter what your product or service is, I’ll associate it with a happy-funny emotion and act accordingly.

The aforementioned articles contain the research numbers about successful campaigns that switched from “hard sell” to “soft sell”, but I don’t really need those.

I need a good emotional story.


RunJapan Infographic

A wonderful part of being in public relations is the creativity. It can also be very difficult. I was tasked with the exercise of creating an infographic, and I thought this would be a perfect task to include with my #RunJapan project.

The only problem: my creative mind has superseded my technical ability. With a looming deadline, and a grand idea, I put myself in a position of failure. It sure is a humbling experience. Here is an example infographic:

Example infographic

Every iteration of my RunJapan Infographic has gone completely sideways in a clicking frenzy of undo, redo, and “How the f$*k do I get it to do…” madness

So this post is going live now, but know this. I’m still working on the #RunJapan Infographic, and this very blog will be updated with it soon…. You’ll know.

You know your doing too much when…

As I was doing research for this blog I ran into the article: 10 Signs You’re Doing Too Much and had to immediately take a quick break and go for a run.

Now, time for Aaron’s Top 5 list of “signs you’re doing too much”

  1. You panic when you hear the term “spare time” and immediately double check your calendar
  2. Your last Google search term was “You’re Doing Too Much”
  3. You don’t quite understand the question “How are you doing?”, and instead answer with a list of what you are doing
  4. “Good enough for now” is repeated frequently
  5. Regular meals need to be in the calendar or they don’t happen

This is what if feels like:


And now back to you’re regularly scheduled life…

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